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Dr. Ashery has identified a number of building blocks for new managers.
These include:

  • Having difficult conversations

  • Building a positive team culture

  • Leadership skills

  • Reaching results with SMART goals

  • Navigating organizational politics

  • Decision making

  • Building linkages within and outside the organization

  • Building agility and resilience

  • Thinking creatively and strategically

  • Carrying out administrative functions

  • Unhelpful thinking that prevents forward movement

  • Self awareness

  • Managing change 

  • Reducing anxiety and stress

  • Big picture thinking

  • Applying the DISC to daily work


Dr. Ashery is able to offer you a safe and supportive online space to explore your challenges, develop your skills and build confidence. She can help you identify the blind spots that are barriers to your success.  She can help you navigate the complex workplace dynamics that encompass your role as a manager.  Her online practice ensures complete confidentiality and adheres to the highest standards of HIPAA (the law that regulates the handling of protected health information) by using HIPAA compliant web platforms that follow strict security protocols such as data encryption, access controls and regular security assessments to protect against unauthorized access, theft or breaches.

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