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Dr. Rebecca Ashery

Managers Are Leaders

I am hired by new managers who are feeling in over their heads with their new management role.

Problem Solving

Do you have a team that is competitive rather than cooperative?

Remember the 80-20 rule?  Are you spending 80% of your time on 20% of your staff?

Do you have SMART goals?

Are you working both effectively and efficiently?

Are you a sandwiched manager caught between your staff and the higher ups?

Are you overwhelmed by the bureaucracy?

Do you avoid difficult conversations?

Do you worry about making the right decision?

Are you tense, anxious or depressed?

Dr. Ashery can help you to:

Problem solve and think outside the box

Build confidence as a leader within your organization

Give constructive feedback to your staff

Shift from working hard to working strategically

Use the SMART approach to build achievable goals

And More!

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